Williamstown: Where history and modernism meet

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Historic Williamstown is one of Melbourne’s oldest suburbs and its physical isolation protected its 19th-century roots until it became more connected to the rest of the city by the construction of the West Gate Bridge and the reinvigorated ferry and punt services along the Yarra River.
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From the city’s earliest white settlement, Williamstown was home to Melbourne’s ship captains, bay pilots, sailmakers, chandlers and it even hosted a naval dockyard – almost all things maritime or nautical have had a base in Wiliamstown.

Today, this maritime history remains obvious everywhere, from an 1870s customs house to a former lighthouse and this connection with the past continues in the suburb’s interesting housing. There is everything from grand mansions befitting successful merchants to small cottages which once housed wharf workers.

And, while Williamstown becomes pretty busy at the weekends, during the week it is a surprisingly tranquil suburb, with wide streets and an enormous amount of open space beside the water.

The most sought after, and expensive, housing is near the sea: Esplanade, The Strand, Osborne and Cole streets. Huge period houses, many of them Victorian weatherboards, sit on large blocks with sea views and several have recently topped $3 million.

Yet, modern Williamstown is throwing up new trophies for today’s captains of industry – The Strand, in particular, has undergone a flurry of building to produce some stunning contemporary houses. They offer beautiful views of cargo ships going up the Yarra – and all with a backdrop of the city and its lights.


74 Pasco Street

About $3.5 million

5 bed 3 bath 6 car

Auction: 2.30pm, April 1

Agent: Greg Hocking Elly Partners 8387 0000, Leigh Melbourne 0414 239 986

Built in 1893, this large double-storey house sits on a corner block of 1300 square metres. A renovation has added a large casual living room and kitchen at the back and this complements the formal, interconnected living and dining room.

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156 Melbourne Road

$1.38 million+

5 bed 3 bath 1 car

Auction: 1.30pm, April 1

Agent: RT Edgar 9399 9888, Joanne Royston 0402 996 622

A simple period facade gives little hint of the two-level extension behind. The front two bedrooms shield a huge open-plan living room and a main bedroom with en suite and walk-in wardrobe. Upstairs are two more bedrooms and a bathroom.

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Clearance rate 79.3 per cent

Median house price $1.31 million

Median unit price $600,000

Top five

Morris Street $3,300,000

Esplanade $3,140,000

Osborne Street $2,610,000

Pasco Street $2,485,000

Sandpiper Place $2,440,000